Enable & Automate Security Protection and Compliance of All Your Assets & Environments on Day One

What and How We Deliver

cloud-security iconCloud Security Operations Center (CSOC)
cloud-security iconTechnical design and development of security automation and orchestration for CSOC
blueprint iconSecurity Architecture
blueprint iconCreating an Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA) to extend protections to the entire enterprise
compliance iconCybersecurity Compliance
compliance iconAuthorization / Certification and Remediation Plans to meet multiple standards
identity iconIdentity and Access Management
identity iconApply best practices, access, entitlements and policies for least privilege data and application access

monitoring iconSecurity Auditing and Monitoring
monitoring iconSecurity Information and Event Management (SIEM) analytics
audit iconContinuous Monitoring (ConMon)
audit iconOngoing proactive monitoring of all environments for exploits and new attack vectors
insider-threat iconInsider Threat Analytics and Intelligent Threat Detection
insider-threat iconContinuous proactive monitoring and identification of malicious behaviors and threat vectors
workflow iconSecurity Governance and Program Management
workflow iconPolicy, operational monitoring and programmatic support to maintain and protect critical assets

Ready to Get Secure and Stay Secure?

Why Top Brands Choose Infinitive

  • Proven and certified: When it comes to security, our approach and solutions are fully compliant with both FedRAMP and NIST standards and designed to meet the security and privacy requirements of many industries.
  • Kick-ass people: Our skilled, dedicated team knows how to help companies generate higher returns from their cloud investments and protect the business and its key assets.
  • Obsession with value: Our cloud solutions and approach are designed to deliver value sooner, more sustainably and more securely, with continuous re-evaluation to find more savings and more value.
  • Thinking and doing: We are planners and executors, creative thinkers and provocative strategists, not to mention serious data geeks, wonky technologists and focused tacticians.
  • Practical perspective: In “right-sizing” solutions, we think big, start small and build momentum – recognizing where the organization is today and where it needs to be tomorrow.
  • Embedded approach: We work collaboratively with our clients, instilling our people deep within client organizations and in cross-functional teams, which reduces risk and increases speed to value.

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